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Richard Alexander Vaughan


To introduce myself

I am an European composer born in England . I studied Classical Guitar at the Royal College of Music in London. 

After studying at the Royal College, I gained a Masters Degree from Exeter University. My interest in composition has been with me since a very early age. 


I have worked and played all over Europe including years in Hungary, the Netherlands, Sweden, Cyprus , Germany and now Spain.


I have received prizes in composition from Nordhorn, Rust, Fidelio and the World Guitar Competition.

Theme, Variations and Finale - Richard Vaughan
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With Dignity - Richard Vaughan
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In all of my works I seek to maintain an harmonic narrative and purity of line. I love of melody and I try to make my music eminently singable. Some of my works are now available for sale through Da Vinci edition, Osaka for example my Dance no.3

Free Download!!

Lullaby for August

A not too difficult solo piece now available for free download. 

Dance no.3 - Richard Vaughan
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